Get lean. Fight mean.

Kickboxing is a stand-up combat sport based on kicking and punching. From basic stance, movement drills, focus mitts, bag drills, and ring strategy, this class has something for everyone. Our kickboxing classes will help students improve their balance, flexibility, coordination and cardiovascular endurance.

This class is a HUGE calorie burner that will having you sweating away fat to get your body lean and toned. These classes are perfect for anyone seeking an overall fitness program, self-defense training or for those looking to train in the sport environment. 



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Helps with weight management!

"I love Ivey's Kickboxing class. It's helping me with cardio endurance and weight management. Ivey can give suggestions to modify the movements if you have old or new injuries (or simply a beginner like me). I'm surprised by how quickly the class time goes by."

— B.F.

I'm hooked!

“My first kickboxing class this evening and it was AWESOME! A serious workout for sure, and fast-paced mega sweat tough, but lots of fun & a great group of people. Thanks for the opportunity - I'm hooked!”

— J. S.

Getting in shape!

"Fabulous for the whole family....All three kids are learning amazing technique, discipline, and life application..... And us parents are getting in shape with the help of kickboxing!"

— J.Y.




Get stronger, faster, and fitter.

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